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Let's get intentional.

Work with Me:

Stress is the #1  factor in many health issues and can contribute to a wide range of illnesses.

In fact, studies indicate that 70-80% of all doctor visits are stress-related. As a FDN-P, I understand that every person is unique and respect metabolic individuality. I am here as your mentor to guide you on your journey towards total body wellness, energy optimization, and confidence in your own skin!


How it works:

1. You'll fill out an application and schedule a connection call. This allows me the opportunity to know your goals and concerns ahead of our call, and dig a bit deeper on the call (and visa versa!). We will figure out of we are a mutually good fit to work together, and if we are, you'll enroll in my 1:1 consulting program. 


2. You will receive your functional labs to do in the comfort of your home, and coaching will begin by learning health healing strategies that focus around nutrition, movement, sleep, digestion, stress reduction and more. We will use your lab results to guide and help formulate the proper action plan for you and make adjustments or pivots along the way.


3. I aim to bring simplicity, new habits, routines and a fun outlook into your life to create the infamous healthy & sustainable lifestyle.

What are my core focuses as a practitioner
and health consultant?


Mindset: Self-awareness & accountability


Gut Health & Integrity


Hormonal influence & balance


Drainage pathway & detoxification


Lifestyle factors: 

nutrition, sleep, movement, stress reduction


My programs include hand-selected functional lab screenings, biofeedback data and a customized protocols based on the findings of your labs. All labs are drop shipped to your door and conducted in the comfort of your home. Whether you are new to holistic health and living, or been in the trenches for years, my programs are for everyone no matter where you're at in your health journey. 




A Mindful Revival is partnered with Advance Care

for clients to receive financing for alternative health services.


Advance care offers financing and payment plans:

on average 15 months 0% APR credit lines.


Email us with questions:


What is an FDN-P?

A certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) Practitioner is a health professional and consultant who utilizes a holistic approach to identify underlying health imbalances and their root causes by integrating functional lab testing and lifestyle and history intervention. They then create personalized lifestyle, nutrition and supplement  protocols to restore balance and optimize overall wellness.

What is functional health?

Functional health differs significantly from the traditional conventional medicine approach. While conventional medicine focuses on diagnosing and treating diseases and symptoms using medications and surgery, functional health emphasizes the overall functioning and balance of critical bodily systems. It involves exploring opportunities for healing within the body and supporting holistic health through natural supplements and lifestyle strategies and adjustments.


Insurance acceptance?

As I do not follow a diagnose and medicate model as licensed healthcare professionals do, insurance payments are not accepted. However, some clients have successfully sought reimbursement for labs through an FSA or covered their full package using an HSA card (please verify with your FSA/HSA provider).


Payment plans?

Advance Care is available to facilitate payment plans, offering up to 15 months interest-free. For more details and to apply for Advance Care, see section above.


Meeting arrangements?

My practice operates as a hybrid model, and is mostly virtual. This allows convenient consultations from your home or office. Sessions can be conducted via Zoom or telephone, according to your preference. I do offer initial in-person sessions for locals to Pagosa Springs, Ignacio, Bayfield and Durango.


Lab requirements?

To comprehensively address the body's healing process, insights into multiple body systems are necessary to identify hidden stressors and weak links. Opting for the Reviatlize360 program provides a comprehensive overview of your health. If cost is a concern, starting with The Groundwork program  is a viable option to begin and progress gradually.


Additional expenses?

Monthly supplement expenses typically range from $100-$500, decreasing as the body heals. Your budget is taken into consideration. Additionally, adopting healthy habits such as purchasing high-quality food, switching to non-toxic home and personal care products,  joining fitness programs or purchasing other modalities may incur costs.


Healing progress?

Restoring balance to the body is a gradual process, especially if you have been experiencing chronic symptoms or illness  for an extended period. Positive changes in health can manifest within a few weeks to a few months with dedicated effort and commitment, although results may vary. Your success lies within your ability to do the work.

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