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I am Chelsea Caler [Hamilton] - BCHHP, FDNP, QLA & NASM-PES

I am  a mountain soul, well-being enthusiast and high performing woman who's overcoming my own journey with extreme burnout and injuries. My mission is to help you step into your power, by reviving you mind, body and spirit through proven holistic strategies  that nurture your body's natural healing response.

My goal is to help you relieve years of built up internal and external stressors so that you can feel your best and be present to the every day joys of your life. 

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Keeping it real.

The power is in the pivot.

To bring about change in your life, you must first envision the person you aspire to be, set your intentions, and take action.

A glimpse into my personality reveals that I am a high-achieving woman, naturally inclined to workaholism and perfectionism. I am a multifaceted and passionate individual, transitioning from being a people pleaser to embracing nurturing and empath side. I thrive on ambitious goals, determination, and discipline, embodying proactive qualities to ensure tasks are completed efficiently. Known for doing things right the first time, I am analytical and calculated, attributes well-suited for a career in finance.

For the past decade, I have worked as a commodity broker and consultant, following the traditional route by earning a finance degree and securing my dream job in a small mountain town. Despite my success, past injuries from my time as a collegiate volleyball athlete began to resurface, and as the high stress work environment in addition to long hours at a desk, ultimately lead to a decline in my physical and mental well-being.


As my body and mind began to deteriorate, a range of symptoms emerged. I tried to cope with stress through excessive exercise and trail running, despite my body signaling warning signs for two years prior to reaching a breaking point. Digestive issues, chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, sleep disturbances, migraines and vertigo became part of my daily struggles. Despite attempts to self-manage through dietary changes, exercise, and alternative care, my health continued to deteriorate.


The tipping point arrived when work-related stress, anxiety, and chronic pain became unbearable. Reflecting on this period, I realized that my body was rejecting chiropractic adjustments, leading to severe inflammation and more unfortunate injuries. Despite seeking help from new practitioners, my symptoms persisted, and I reached a point where my career was no longer fulfilling or sustainable.


Experiencing burnout on physical, emotional, spiritual, and biochemical levels, I found myself in a state of constant anxiety, teetering depression, and no longer able to mitigate all my health symptoms. Realizing the toll this was taking on me, both personally and professionally, I made the courageous decision in January 2022 to pivot and embark on a new path. This shift led me to pursue a career as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, aligning with my passion for holistic health practices and self-healing.


Choosing to prioritize my well-being, I founded A Mindful Revival to inspire others facing similar health challenges. My philosophy centers on holistic strategies to empower individuals to take control of their well-being.


Mindset is key.

Physical well being is essential.

Financial literacy is crucial.

Energy is everything.

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