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Download: Audio Affirmations for the High Achieving Woman 

Audio affirmations that incorporate Mindsync technology are designed to engage both hemispheres of the brain,

utilizing offsetting hertz – 10 hertz in one ear and 19 hertz in the other. This causes the listener to perceive 8 hertz,

which is at the top of the theta brain wave. The theta state is a period of deep relaxation and restoration,

which allows the brain and body to rest and heal. It also promotes learning, memory retention, and creativity.


To experience the full effect, it's recommended that you listen to the audio with noise cancelling headphones,

or any type of earbud, in order to receive different hertz in each ear. The sound produced will resemble a wobble,

with more vibrations than voice. Over time, the wobble will fade, and you will perceive the sound in the center of your head.

This signifies that you have entered the theta brain wave state, crossing the conscious barrier.

For optimal results, listen to the audio for at least 10 minutes per day,

either in the morning or before bed, while practicing deep breathing.

FYI - This is recorded in my voice. If you want to learn more about emotional balancing with frequencies

and recording affirmations in your own voice, please click on Biofeedback in the menu.

Submit & Download the Audio!

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